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Boathouse Brothers Brewing Co. Has a Home

The soon to be remodeled brewery

After months (years, almost) of searching, planning, zoning meetings, calls to city officials, contractor estimates and SBA applications.....Boathouse Brothers Brewing Company was finally able to sign a lease for a 3,000 sq. ft. building on Main Avenue in Downtown Prior Lake, MN. We are excited to announce this big step, but are also looking forward to at least a few long months of buildout, tank installation and permitting before we'll be open to the public.

Deal is done with the landlord
Our master plumber dropped by to check the site

Since the lease was signed earlier in the month, quite a few of the neighbors have already stopped by to welcome the brewery to the Main Avenue crew. We've also had a few of our contractors, friends and family drop by for some impromptu imaginary brewery tours, but a big focus has been on prepping for the remodel. "We are aiming to create a very different vibe than some of the previous establishments in the past, and a lot of cleanout is necessary to make that happen." Head Brewer and Owner, Emmett Swartout, said as he gave the bullet points of the timeline. "We plan on putting a lot of sweat equity into creating a very unique space for our beer." In the next few weeks there will be plenty of updates including some of the early concept sketches of the facelift to the street side of the building as well as the inside of both the beer hall and tap rail rooms. So keep an eye on the Boathouse Brothers' Facebook page for all the new info, and if we find a fancy way to capture some footage of the two beer loving owners knocking down a wall or two, we'll be sure to add it to our Instagram as well.

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