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A New Year's resolution....Only 4 weeks late

Beers at the New Year's Eve Wild hockey game

Better late than never...right? I'm hoping, if you are reading this, that you at least somewhat agree with me. In this case, I am referring to my own moderate form of procrastination and prioritization.

On December 30th, I told myself that Boathouse Brothers Brewing would need to make a simple change for the new year, "More Updates". On Dec. 31st I managed to post a quick shot to the brewery's Instagram account from the MN Wild game. On January 1st.....I failed to even make it outside to hopefully take a few pictures of our Chocolate Raspberry Porter with the beautiful snowy backdrop. Instead I was running grain and measuring hops for a Red Rye IPA that required the better part of the day to brew. For the past year or so we have been working our collective butts off to get zoning approvals through the city, sort through mountains of equipment specification quotes, plan for potential remodels, conduct public tasting sessions, drafting lease agreements, acquire proper financing for all of the above and....oh yeah, brew beer. Well, with all that craziness, our intention to share our progress was frequently overshadowed by a more pressing issue that needed to be dealt with to keep the wheels in motion for bringing craft brewing to Prior Lake.

The original crutch was, "the website will have all the links, it will be the hub of all of our communication to the community. If its not up and running perfectly, then we can't share much without it being a disappointment." That method of thinking has been poured down the drain, and a glass half full approach is now on tap. In less than 24 hours, we'll be flipping the switch on our website andcrossing our fingers that at least the desktop-view version is acceptable to the public's taste. We realize that some of the graphics may need a little work, or that our logo/labeling of our beers may be a tad less than coherent (mostly because we are still pending on a lot of trademark documents). We fully intend to keep improving the site as we go and as we do that, to keep everyone as informed as possible about potential opening dates for Prior Lake's first craft brewery. The support from the community has been what drives us to make sure we get up and running as quickly as we can. It is remarkable how many times we hear comments like "We'll be the first ones at the door when you open" or "we can't wait to have our very own taproom in the neighborhood!" Its for that very reason that we decided to put a "Shop" in as part of our website. What better way to support craft beer than by sporting a shirt with your local brewery's logo right on it or toasting your friends with a glass designed specifically for Boathouse Brothers beer?

Our suppliers have been working hard to get us updates on the merchandise, but more are still on their way so keep an eye out for more cool hats, shirts, glassware, and other gear. Or pick up one of our discounted gift-cards or Growler Club memberships and save on everything when the taproom opens.

So that's it, our New Year's resolution. Its public now so there's no going back on our "glass half full" commitment. Speaking of which, my beer is getting a little low.....I had better go top that off. Cheers.

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