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Ice Golf 2017

ICE GOLF 2017!!!!!

A big round of applause for everyone at the Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce and their team of volunteers that got almost 300 "golfers" out on the lake last saturday in front of Charlie's on Prior.

Boathouse Brothers Brewing was extremely excited to be participating in this years "Movie Madness" themed event so we brought out a few special brews to showcase our Light and Dark sides at our Star Wars inspired hole.

We sampled out our Last Red Rye- our most recent rye IPA, and our Dark Side was represented by Java the Hut- our Coffee and vanilla porter (yes we're aware that Jaba wasn't technically on the dark side of the force in the movies, but he was still a bad dude so we rolled with it). We were so busy meeting all the great people who stopped to enjoy our beer that we didn't get a whole lot of pictures during the event, but we've posted a few from our set-up process a we constructed the hole that won us the "Best Decorated" award for the day. It was a bit chilly and windy for sure, so Chewbacca was definitely the most prepared for the weather but even Boba Fett would agree that a Hoth-like planet is best to keep the beer cold.

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