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Watzl's White Cap Brew Demo

Saturday turned out to be a wonderful day to showcase a demonstration brew of a small batch of Watzl's Whitecaps, a White IPA, also sometimes classified as an Indie Whit. It was great to meet everyone who stopped by the tent to check out our operation and ask questions about the brewery and our brewing process. We even got a few volunteers to assist with various steps along the way. Such as Andrew Anthony from Country Financial, who helped stir the mash, our Chamber of Commerce President, Sandi Fleck, added in the all important hops, and a few other willing participants added the fresh cracked coriander and sweet orange peel that gave this beer its characteristic taste.

If you stopped by and filled out one of our entry forms, you could be the lucky winner of a Boathouse Brothers Brewing sampl six-pack. We'll be contacting the winners as soon as we clear it with the officials. Thanks again to everyone who came out to Lakefront Days and made our first public event a memorable one. Cheers!

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