there are just too many beers to agree on just 16, so we update our taps as we release new beers. 

stop in and try one and let us know what you think 

tap list 7/30

1)Stouty McStoutface - Dry Irish Stout - ABV: 4.9% Nitro

Notes of coffe & roasted Englidh berley.  East Kent Golding hops make their mark as well.  Slainte (Cheers!)

2)Snapped Line - English Dark Ale - ABV: 9.5% Nitro

A solid winter warmer.  2 dozen local ginger snap cookies and 6 lbs of molasses in the boil equals a solid solstice beer.

3)***Open Line*** ABV:% 

Will be back very soon

4)Base Porter - ABV: 5.6%

This anchor of our dark beer lineup offers a smooth chocolaty malt bill and layers in hints of caramel and coffee

5)Kharon - Dry Hopped IPA - ABV: 6.2%

Named for the boatman of the dead in Greek mythology, this brew gets another dose of hops in the secondary vessel and brings new life to the already popular CTZ IPA.

6) Keelhauled - Hefeweizen  ABV: 5.4%

Unfiltered, Bavarian style wheat beer with a wide fermentation profile that lends itself to both clove and banana notes.

7) CTZ IPA -  ABV: 6.2%

First SMASH beer to hit the tanks.  Solid body and piney, resinous hop profile.  Malt: Rahr Pale Ale.  Hop: CTZ

8) General Quaters - American IPA - ABV: 7.2% 

On a navel ship, "General Quarters" is the alarm call for battle readiness.  In our taproom, it means pale and amber malts blended with plenty of American Pacific Northwest hops.  This brew was collaborated on by our head brewer and a few of our lotal IPA drinkers and is the perfect sailing parnter for any beer lover who prefers a balanced bitterness in their glass.

9) My Minni Wice - Fruited Hefeweizen ABV: 5.9% 

Bavarian style paired with Minnesota grains.  This blend of locally malted wheat and pilsner makes the base for an infusion of blackberries and raspberries that were picked just down the road.  Grab yourself a pint of summer in a glass!

10 Duggernaut - Double IPA -  ABV: 10.5% 

Double digit ABV with a completely consumable and fully balanced palate.  Its name ties in to the Jadda-Natha pagoda, used as a navigational point by East India Trading sailors and also for our friend Doug, who is, himself a human forklift and was an unstoppable force moving our tanks into the brewhouse by hand.  Cheers Doug!!  We wouldnt't be brewing this big beer without yea.

11) Beach Fuzz - Peach Pale Ale - ABV: 5.8% 

A lightly fruited pale ale blending both American and UK malted barley for an extremely drinkable beer whether you are in the taproom or out on the sand.

12)Pontoon Pilsner - Minnesota Pilsner ABV:5.0%

Light, bright and easy drinking.  All of the pilsner malt comes from our friends at Rahr just down the road and the classic crisp finish owes it presence to Triple Pearl hops from Mighty Axe in Foley, MN. As its name suggests, you can't go wrong packing the cooler with this one for a cruise around the lake or a float at the end of the dock.

13) Depth Finder - Dry Hopped IPA - ABV:6.8%

A combo of malts blend into a balanced beer with a dose of El Dorado, Chinook, CTZ & Cascade hops.  Dry Hopped with Citra & Warrior.

14) Candy Cove Kolsch - Kolsch Style  ABV: 5.3%

A German style blonde ale that is fermented at lager temperatures.  It takes a few extra days in the tanks but it is certainly worth it.  Have a pint in the taproom or take a can out on the boat next time you end up in the most happening spot on PL's body of water.


15) Thermocline - Cream Ale ABV: 6.3% 

Smooth mouthfeel and evenly balanced with cluster hops.  This brew is a crowd favorite for those seeking a lighter bodied beer without sacrificing small batch craft taste.

16) **Open Line*** ABV:% 

Will be back very soon

-Make any of our brews a "two-pour shandy"

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