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Current Tap List

There are too many great beer styles to agree on just 18, so we rotate our taps frequently as we release new beers.  Stop in and find your new favorite

or the return of a classic.

Beers Currently on Tap 

If you don't see your favorite on tap, stop in and check out our selection of Crowlers to go.

Admiral on Deck - ABV: 4%

Step up to the plate and savor The Admiral on Deck! This light honey lager knocks it out of the park and a portion of the sales support the Admirals of Prior Lake youth baseball team.

Cobertizo – Mexican Lager - ABV: 6.0%

Vienna style brew fermented with a uniquely Central-American strain of yeast. Perfect for the taproom, pontoon or campfire

Hard Astern Full - Hazy IPA – ABV: 7.1%

If you're looking for a hop forward IPA with a citrus kick, this is your pint. We combined Rahr's new North Star Pilsner with oats and wheat for a super clean finish to a visually cloudy beer. If you've got a favorite hop, its probably in here too. Azzaca, Citra, Simcoe, Julius, Chinook, Galaxy and Mosaic all make their way into the tanks as well.

My Minni Weisse – Fruited Hefeweizen - ABV: 5.9%

Bavarian style paired with Minnesota grains. This blend of locally malted wheat and pilsner makes the base for an infusion of blackberries and raspberries that were picked just down the road. Grab yourself a pint of summer in a glass!

Personal Flirtation De-Weisse - ABV: 4.5%

Two rounds of sweet and tart fruit went into the first 5 Gallon Friday to ever get a “Crowler Release”. Sweet Cherries and Raspberries give a pink twist to a traditional Berliner Weisse.

Thermocline Cream Ale - ABV: 6.3%

Smooth mouthfeel and evenly balanced with cluster hops. This brew is a crowd favorite for those seeking a lighter bodied beer without sacrificing small batch craft taste.

Beachcomber - Hefe/Pils Hybrid - ABV: 4.8%

A Happy Little Accident turned our newest brew into our first Hybrid Hefeweizen Pilsner combo. It's the best of both worlds!

Deck the Hulls – Cranberry Cinnamon Helles - ABV: 6.4%

Cranberries and cinnamon give a distinct, festive finish to one of our favorite styles, the German Helles.

He’s My Heart - Co-Fermentation - ABV: 5.1%

A Saison brew and Sauvignon Blanc grapes were fermented together and then dry hopped with warrior and EKG hops. A fun twist on a beer brewed for a wine drinker.

N/A Cream Ale - ABV: <0.5%

Our first N/A brew, enjoy this refreshing beer in our taproom or take a crowler home.

Pontoon Pilsner - Minnesota Pilsner - ABV: 5.0%

Light, bright and easy drinking. All of the pilsner malt comes from our friends at Rahr, just down the road, and the classic crisp finish owes its presence to Triple Pearl hops from Mighty Axe in Foley, MN.

Tres Olas – Light Mexican Lager - ABV: 4.2%

Three little waves of citrus fell into this crushable beach-side drinker. Orange and Lemon peel plus a load of freshly squeezed Limes put this brew on tap just in time for Cinco de Mayo

Cider Style Graff – ABV: 4.6%

Refreshing graf that you can enjoy on any Minnesota day. Malted Sorghum provides the base and Select Cider lends the sweetness to those looking to reduce their gluten intake.

General Quarters – American IPA - ABV: 7.2%

On a naval ship, “General Quarters” is the alarm call for battle readiness. In our taproom, it means pale and amber malts blended with plenty of American Pacific Northwest hops. This brew was collaborated on by our head brewer and a few of our loyal IPA drinkers and is the perfect sailing partner for any beer lover who prefers a balanced bitterness in their glass.

High Sea - Orange Cream Ale - ABV: 5.2%

Fresh pureed blood Oranges add a light fruitiness to the finish of this, smooth drinking, summer favorite. Grab a glass while you can!

Oatmeal Stout – ABV 6.1%

A Blend of English and MN malted grains, along with a hefty percentage of rolled oats and Fuggle hops, gives this stout a smooth, old-world taste finished with local pride.

Run A'Ground - Coffee Blonde - ABV: 5.1%

We gave our standard Blonde Ale a little boost with an infusion of Madagascar Vanilla and hand-cracked hazelnut coffee beans. At 5.1% abv with a soft and clean finish, this beer drinks just as light as it's color suggests.

White Squalls - Hard Seltzer – ABV: 4.7%

Variety of flavors to add to the base seltzer. Light, crisp and delicious for anyone on a hot summer day. Current Flavors: Mojito, Raspberry, Kiwi, Peach, Watermelon, and Strawberry.

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