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Growler Clubs

   Quick question for you. Yes, you! Do you like free beer? Of course you do. We all do.  It can make a great beer even better.  And right now, you can help make great beer happen in Prior Lake and be rewarded for doing so.

   Our Growler Club memberships are scaled up to reward you with increasing levels of great perks for simply signing up to enjoy Boathouse Brothers Brewing beers.

  You are not limited to a small timeframe or set target amounts which must be hit in order for your rewards to activate.  That means, from the moment you enroll you are officially part of the crew at Boathouse Brothers Brewing and we fully intend to treat you accordingly!

Be Rewarded for Drinking Great Beer







   Growler Club members of any level will have access to Boathouse Brothers' beer and be notified when beer is getting released before anyone else has a chance to taste the brand new beer on tap.  You'll have priority fill status for the entire year as well as opportunities to join us for limited release batch tasting sessions and many other unique benefits.  


You can sign up for your membership HERE.


If you have any questions about the Growler Clubs, we would be happy to answer them. Feel free to drop us a line any time HERE.

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