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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you serve food? 

A:  No, we do not serve any food in the taproom.  However, we will have food trucks        frequently and you are always welcome to bring in your favorites from home or any of    the other great places here in town. A few of them will even deliver right to the brewery.

Q:  Can our kids be there?

A:  Absolutely! The taproom is family friendly and we have non-alcoholic sodas as well as plenty of games for the whole group. Persons under 21 are not allowed in the brewery after 10pm.                                                                                                             

Q:  What about dogs?

A:  At present, we are still working out the details to make sure our license for the premises allows for our canine companions.  We don't have any patio space at the moment so we are holding off on furry friends for a little while, until we can make a better decision.

Q:  Do you fill growlers?  

A:  We sell pre-filled 64oz. growlers as long as our supply lasts.  Our current setup does not allow us to fill other growlers at present, but we will gladly exchange any other active brewery's growler for one of ours to save you the $5 deposit.

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