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N/A Cream Ale - ABV: <0.5%

Our first N/A brew, enjoy this refreshing beer in our taproom or take a crowler home.

Paul's Footprints - Red Lager - ABV 5.9%

Clean and crisp with a slightly sweet caramel finish that is balanced out by Hallertauer hops. Just like the Big Red Logger himself, this beer came about from a strong Minnesota background and the over 10,000 lakes attributed to his treks across the Northwoods. Grab a pint and find out if it's more than just a tall tale.

Personal Flirtation De-Weisse - ABV: 4.5%

Two rounds of sweet and tart fruit went into the first 5 Gallon Friday to ever get a “Crowler Release”. Sweet Cherries and Raspberries give a pink twist to a traditional Berliner Weisse.

Pontoon Pilsner - Minnesota Pilsner - ABV: 5.0%

Light, bright and easy drinking. All of the pilsner malt comes from our friends at Rahr, just down the road, and the classic crisp finish owes its presence to Triple Pearl hops from Mighty Axe in Foley, MN.

Rua Seol (Roo-ahh Shoal) Irish Red Ale - ABV: 6.4%

Gaelic translation for “Copper-Red Sails”, this brew lives up to its name, and when it catches the sunlight just right, it’s not hard to imagine a rainbow leading right into your pint.

Run A'Ground - Coffee Blonde - ABV: 5.1%

We gave our standard Blonde Ale a little boost with an infusion of Madagascar Vanilla and hand-cracked hazelnut coffee beans. At 5.1% abv with a soft and clean finish, this beer drinks just as light as it's color suggests.

​Stouty McStoutface – Dry Irish Stout - ABV: 4.9% - Nitro

You're in luck, this traditional style brew is back and hits your taste buds with notes of coffee & roasted English barley. East Kent Golding hops make their mark as well. Sláinte (Cheers!)

Thermocline Cream Ale - ABV: 6.3%

Smooth mouthfeel and evenly balanced with cluster hops. This brew is a crowd favorite for those seeking a lighter bodied beer without sacrificing small batch craft taste.

White Squalls - Hard Seltzer – ABV: 4.7%

Variety of flavors to add to the base seltzer. Light, crisp and delicious for anyone on a hot summer day. Current Flavors: Mojito, Raspberry, Kiwi, Peach, Watermelon, and Strawberry.

Winter Ale - ABV 6%

Barley and Rye malts lay the full-bodied foundation for a blend of Centennial and Cascade hops along with mulling spices, molasses, and MN harvested maple syrup. Perfect for avoiding shoveling your driveway or celebrating a big catch out on the ice.

Candy Cove - Kolsch Style - ABV: 5.3%

A German style blonde ale that is fermented at lager temperatures. It takes a few extra days in the tanks but is certainly worth it. Have a pint in the taproom or take a can out on the boat next time you end up in the most happening spot on PL's body of water.

CTZ IPA – ABV: 6.2%

First SMASH beer to hit the tanks. Solid body and piney, resinous hop profile. Malt: Rahr Pale Ale. Hop: CTZ

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