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Our two favorite things in this world are Great Beer and Lake Life.  They are a perfect match for one another.

Whether it's an Ale out on the water, a Lager by the beach, a Stout by the campfire or an IPA out on the ice, our goal is to make every beer we brew a thoughtfully crafted reflection of what makes us love Lake Life here in Minnesota.

In our Taproom you'll feel like you're relaxing at the cabin or having fun with your friends on the pontoon.  

Stop in, have a beer, or take home a growler if you're in a rush. We brew in small batches, so every pint we pour is crafted for your enjoyment.


The "Brothers"

Pier in the Lake

meet the "Brothers"

Wix HeadShots Emmett.jpg

Emmett Swartout

Emmett grew up spending his summers bunking in the original boathouse on his grandparent's lake property in northern Minnesota.  When he moved to Prior Lake, he found the lake-life community was strong in the town, but the brewery scene had yet to make a strong stand in the southern suburbs.  Boathouse Brothers Brewing had been a constantly evolving concept in his head for the better part of a decade.  All it took was one little push, his buddy Kevin saying "I'm in!", and planning officially went from campfire banter to business loans and tank orders.  

Height:                      5'10" in flip flops

Weight:                     213   *grabs pizza slice*   ok,  220

Marathon Record:   4hrs 36 min + 6.5 Beers

Favorite Accent:      Anything Piratey 

First pet:                  Couldn't guess my passwords, huh?


Wix headshot.jpg

Kevin Lethert

Kevin grew up spending his summer weekends at the family cabin, only a few miles from Emmett.  Kevin and Emmett became fast friends, due partly to the fact that Emmett was the one serving him beer, but mostly to their mutual appreciation for "a good" beer.  When Kevin was pitched the idea for making their hobby a full time endeavor, it took Kevin a moment to answer, mainly because he was finishing his beer.  Two words later, "I'm In!"  and it was no turning back. Kevin had become an official Boathouse Brother.

Height:                         6'2" without the mohawk

Weight:                        102...wait, lbs or kgs?

Favorite 90s Jam:          Jock Jams, the whole dang CD

Longest Road Trip:        26 hours straight to South Padre



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